Six ways to look after your physical and mental health when you work from home

After almost six years of working from home, I know there are ups and downs to a solitary work life, so I have a few tricks up my sleeve to make sure I’m looking after myself and have the tools I need when it becomes a bit too much. So here are six ways to look after your physical and mental health when you work from home.

  1. Break your week up with something other than work. For me, this is volunteering and horseriding.
  2. Get outdoors whatever the weather for a walk or a run, or even just to pop to the shops or have a cup of coffee in the garden.
  3. Give meditation a go – I find the calm app really useful and carving out even just 10 minutes a day can be so beneficial.
  4. Connect with nature – I’ve been buying and making bird feeders to encourage our feathered friends to my front garden.
  5. Get stretching! I feel awful if I’m sat in my chair too long throughout the day, so I do regular yoga sessions from the brilliant Yoga with Kassandra.
  6. With a fairly constantly depressing news cycle, I like to seek out what’s going right in the world. As well as being inspired by the amazing work my not for profit clients do, Positive News is great for this.

How do you look after your mental and physical health when you work from home?


Director, Colvine Communications

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