Reclaiming social media for good

On Thursday 6 February, the fab folk at Lightful asked us to reclaim social media for good. ⁣

I watched as inspiring posts from amazing organisations across the country rolled through my news feeds.⁣

I joined in – sharing good news from the brilliant clients that I work with and what we have achieved together to make the world a better place. ⁣

Since then, I have been thinking a lot about how social media makes me feel. ⁣

I’m used to working behind the scenes, as the faceless comms bod behind the feeds of campaigns and organisations I care deeply about. I am comfortable there. I know this world. ⁣

But when it comes to putting myself out there, it’s a different story. ⁣

I ask myself how people will react to my opinions and advice, or to the photos of myself that I am reticent to share. ⁣

I think of the trolls and the negativity I see all too often and wonder if any of that anger will be directed my way. ⁣

That’s why I’m getting behind this movement 100 per cent. ⁣

I’m looking more mindfully at the social media communities I’m building and surrounding myself with people who make me feel good. ⁣

And I’m making a promise to share more posts that are crafted simply to make our corner of the internet a nicer and more interesting place to be. ⁣

Are you with me?

Claire, Director, Colvine Communications.

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