Refresh your copywriting for 2018


I’m always on the lookout for ways to develop my copywriting. I love picking up tiny nuggets of advice to try and test.

These 33 tweaks from Quick Sprout are brilliant. Read the full list or see my fave five below if you’ve only got a minute:

  1. Ditch boring verbs
  2. Write shorter sentences
  3. Brainstorm unique CTAs
  4. Use other people’s stories
  5. Speak your readers’ language.

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Child in field of sunflowers

Three top tips for global campaigning

I’m so proud to be working with Project Dirt on the global Outdoor Classroom Day campaign! Over 2.3 million children were registered to take part in 2017, making it the biggest campaign on record!

I’ve been leading on global communications since 2016 and I’ve learnt a lot along the way. Here are my three top tips for global campaign comms:

  1. Get with the time zone! Using an app like WorldClock will help you schedule social media posts and e-newsletters for maximum impact.
  2. Keep it simple. Writing in plain English is important for any communications, but even more so when they are getting translated into numerous languages.
  3. Stay flexible. When half your audience is waking up as you go to bed, you need to be flexible in your approach to work. Checking in on social media after/before hours will help you grow truly global communities.

Find out more about the campaign at:

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